About Us

  • Kristina

    Kristina | Owner-operator

    Kristina Sage is an artist and loves the outdoors. She has a degree in Radiography from the UW Madison, School of Radiologic Technology. At 27, Kristina met her husband Robbie and the fairy tale began. With four children and many pets along the road, she lives a fulfilling life in West Salem, WI. After years in the medical field followed by motherhood, she decided to pursue her passion for art. While perusing art, God revealed another plan…perfect and share the art of coffee. Henceforth, Oma was developed and created into a family business to not only display her passion, but that of her niece Presley and her late Mother, Sue. Robbie has an entrepreneurial spirit and is the corner stone, both in her family, and at Oma.

  • Mindy

    Mindy | Barista and Charity Liaison

    Mindy Kearney discovered her need, and love, for coffee after the birth of her third child. She was inspired to work at Oma because of the business’ plans to support the community and is excited to promote the mission of giving. Oma reminds Mindy of her own special grandma who was also an amazing baker. When she is not sharing coffee with the guests of Oma, Mindy can be found working in youth ministry at a local church, or driving her kids to their activities in the family taxi. Her other passions include cheering for the Badgers with her husband, gardening, and trying her hand at duplicating Pinterest ideas.

  • Emma

    Emma | Barista

    Emma Unverzagt is a homeschooled senior in high school from Cataract, WI. Her deep love of coffee has led her to Oma to perfect her coffee-making skills. Besides drinking coffee, Emma enjoys traveling and has been to Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Paraguay, and Brazil. She also enjoys hanging out with her ten siblings, her youth group friends, Benedict her rabbit, and her nameless green bird. She is a lover of books—both classic and contemporary—and plans to attend Bodenseehof Bible School in Bodenseehof, Germany as soon as she saves up enough money.

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie | Barista

    Stephanie Sharp moved to West Salem in 2009 with her family when her husband was assigned to Fort McCoy for the last three years of his Army career. They loved the area so much that, upon his retirement, they decided to call it “home”. Stephanie teaches art classes for all ages in her home and at other locations and is teaching Kindergarten and 1st Grade Art at West Salem Elementary every afternoon. She has an immense love for coffee (and baked goods, if we’re going to be honest), so the opportunity to work at Oma a couple mornings each week resulted in an easy “YES”. She loves meeting customers and being the person to pass them their first cup of coffee in the morning.